Gucci Made To Measure Cologne for MEN 3 oz (89ml)

Gucci Made To Measure Cologne for MEN 3 oz (89ml)
Gucci Made To Measure Cologne for MEN 3 oz (89ml)

Gucci Made To Measure Cologne by Gucci, Immerse yourself in a scent as refined and stylish as you with Gucci Made to Measure, an enigmatic men’s fragrance. This daring cologne blends spicy, floral and aromatic accords for a complex, robust aroma that’s sure to inspire confidence in every man, bringing out their inner charisma. Top notes of sparkling Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian orange blossom, star anise and relaxing lavender open the scent with a well-balanced mix of intensity and subtlety. Middle notes of juniper berries, dark plum and water lily incorporate more sweet and decadent tones, though the inclusion of bright cinnamon and nutmeg add a dash of spicy kick to the concoction. Base notes of golden amber, labdanum, patchouli and leather finish the aroma with a sexy, masculine element that’s entirely alluring.

Released in the fall of 2013, this magnetic cologne found its place beside many other popular designer scents from the illustrious Italian brand Gucci. Its clean, statuesque flacon represents the sharp and compelling edge of the man who wears it.

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Dung tích 3 oz (89ml)

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