Gucci Rush (EDT) for WOMEN

Gucci Rush (EDT) for WOMEN
Gucci Rush (EDT) for WOMEN

Gucci Rush Perfume by Gucci, Effortlessly attracting attention for women in any situation since 1999, Gucci Rush perfume lights up the room with its artful blend of Oriental florals and woods. Fresh blasts of African Freesia dipped in rich, milky peach and lavished with California Gardenia greets admirers in the bold opening top notes. The progression pairs the loftiness of Turkish Rose with fun and mysterious jasmine and excites the couple with a spicy-orange pinch of coriander. Firm undertones of vetiver and patchouli, laced with the persuasiveness of vanilla, hold the bottom tier and concoct a compelling air of cultivated experience.

In the public's mind, Gucci stands for luxury. The company started in Italy in 1921 producing beautiful leather goods. Over the years, the firm expanded and evolved into a renowned creator of all manner of high-quality fashion merchandise geared toward the affluent. The house launched a successful line of fragrances in 1974 that continues today.

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